Zum Appell an die Deutschen Abgeordneten und die Bundesregierung (3.April2019)

Zum Appell an die deutsche Bundesregierung und deutschen Vertreter/innen im EU-Rat  (11. April 2019) 

* Self-expression is a human right *
* Internet censorship does not create a fair income *

March 24, 2019

Dear Members of the Parliament,

We as artists, creative and cultural workers appeal to you as representatives of the European Parliament:

The proposed Copyright Directive is not in our interests. We will gain no significant revenue from it, but it will reduce our ability to create new cultural works and find audiences for it.

Take responsibility for an internet that works for cultural producers and is free from censorship, and do not agree to the EU Copyright Directive in this form. Article 11 and 13 are fundamentally against our interests.

Currently open letters are circulating that are claiming that the new directive would enable a „free“ internet by strengthening the copyright holders in relation to commercial providers and thus promote a „fairer“ form of „participation“ and „remuneration“. None of this will happen.

The directive will not lead to:

  • higher incomes for artists
  • guarantee of non-reproducibility of one’s own work
  • protection from theft of ideas
  • protection from piracy
  • reduce the monopoly position of the dominant group of social media companies

What it will lead to:

  • censorship on the internet
  • containment of creative exchange
  • transfer of the judicial sovereignty to private decision-makers
  • wrongful decisions due to algorithmic bias
  • impediment of fair procedures which then will be neither open nor individual
  • enablement of abuse of power through non-public decision-making processes
  • abusive interpretation for the own benefit of the commissioned platforms
  • exclusion of self-uploaded material that even meets the criteria of copyright law but categorizes as further prohibited content such as pornography, insult, depiction of violence, terrorism etc.
  • uncertainty and self-censorship instead of motivation to creativity and self-expression

We also want to point out that we are highly critical of how platforms cash in on unpaid labour by countless contributors – not just artists – and that we must find new models for how the revenue of these value-added processes can be redistributed more equally.

We therefore appeal to you: Say NO – vote against the Copyright Directive!


  • Janneke Adema, research fellow, Centre for Postdigital Cultures, Coventry University, Coventry
  • Nora Al-Badri, artist, Berlin,
  • Fahim Amir, writer, curator, artist, senior lecturer, University of the Arts, Linz
  • Clemens Apprich, PhD, Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana University, Lüneburg,
  • Inke Arns, PhD, curator and director of HMKV (Hartware MedienKunstVerein),,
  • Daniel Aschwanden, Performer, Choreograph Performer / Choreographer Senior Lecturer University of applied arts Vienna
  • Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, art, technology & feminism,
  • Gerald Bast, president, University of Applied Arts, Vienna,
  • Aram Bartholl, artist, Berlin,
  • Konrad Becker, hyper media researcher and interdisciplinary content developer, initiator of Public Netbase and World Information Institute, Vienna,,
  • Christoph Benkeser, media scientist, freelance cult-journalist, social media manager, lecturer, University of Vienna
  • Ulrike Bergermann, professor for media studies, University of Art, Braunschweig,
  • Michael Bielicky, professor, department of digital media / postdigital narratives, University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe, , ,
  • Željko Blaće, co-founder of MaMa (Zagreb) and ccSPORT (Berlin), Europe,
  • Sebastian Bodirsky, filmmaker, Berlin,
  • Candice Breitz, artist, professor at University of Art Braunschweig, Berlin,
  • James Bridle, artist and writer, Athens,
  • Andreas Broeckmann, art theorist, Leipzig/Berlin,
  • Alina Buchberger, Dramaturgie, Kampnagel, Hamburg
  • Nadja Buttendorf, visual artist, founding member of Cyborgs e.V., Berlin,
  • Constant Dullaart, artist, WerkplaatsTypografie, Arnhem,
  • Constant vzw, artist-run art, media and technology organisation, Brussels,
  • Karl-Heinz Dellwo, filmmaker and publisher, Hamburg,
  • Carola Dertnig, visual artist, professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna,
  • Detlef Diederichsen, divisional director music and performing arts, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
  • Diedrich Diederichsen, cultural theorist, professor at Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna/ Berlin,
  • Paul Feigelfeld, researcher, curator, Vienna, „UNCANNY : Artificial Intelligence & You“, MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna,
  • Andreas Fogarasi, artist, writer, co-editor of dérive, magazine for urban research, Vienna,
  • FORUM STADTPARK, interdisciplinary space for art and culture, Graz,
  • Günter Friesinger, writer, curator, member of monochrom, Vienna,,
  • Matthias Fritsch, visual artist, Technoviking Archiv, Berlin,
  • Kristoffer Gansing, artistic director, transmediale festival for art and digital culture, Berlin,
  • Lucas Gehrmann, curator, Kunsthalle, Vienna
  • Johannes Grenzfurthner, artist, filmmaker, curator, writer, member of monochrom, Vienna,,
  • Volker Grassmuck, media sociologist and activist, Berlin,
  • Paul Gründorfer, artist / musician, Vienna,
  • Marina Gržinić, PhD, artist, philosopher, professor at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, researcher advisor at ZRC-SAZU Institute of philosophy, Ljubljana,,
  • Adnan Hadziselimovic, PhD, head of department of digital arts, University of Malta,
  • Karin Harrasser, media theorist, curator, editor of ZfK – Magazine For Cultural Studies, professor for cultural theory, University of Art and Design, Linz,
  • Joan Heemskerk, artist, member of the artist collective JODI,
  • Reni Hofmüller, artist, musician, curator, founding member of, founding member and artistic director of esc media art laboratory, Graz,
  • Jogi Hofmüller, artist and IT-consultant, founding member of Radio Helsinki and association for the promotion of network art, Graz,
  • Tom Holert, writer, researcher, curator, Harun Farocki Institut, Berlin,
  • Susanne Holschbach, PhD, art and media scientist, curator, lecturer, Berlin
  • Endy Hupperich, painter and lecturer, Art Academy Bad Reichenhall, Mexico City/ Germany,
  • IG Kultur Vienna, representation of cultural workers & institutions, Vienna,
  • IOhannes m zmölnig, Computermusik, University for Music and Performing Arts,
  • Thomas J. Jelinek, conceptual artist, director, dramaturge, curator, Vienna,
  • Gerhard Kettler, media and cultural worker, community radio activist, Vienna
  • Rebekka Kiesewetter, Lic. phil., art historian, economist, writer, curator, founding member of DA Institute of Applied Knowledge, Berlin,,
  • Angela Koch, professor for aesthetics and pragmatics of audiovisual media, director of MA studies in media culture and art theory, University of Art and Design, Linz,
  • Hubertus Kohle, professor of art history, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich,
  • Jakob Lena Knebl, artist, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (senior artist), Vienna
  • Ingo Leindecker, artist, cultural & web developer,
  • Tina Leisch, theater and film director, journalist Vienna,
  • Magdalena Augustin, DJ, event manager, cultural activist, Vienna,
  • Fariba Mosleh, cultural manager, producer, Vienna/ Brussels
  • Mosh Mosh
  • Olia Lialina, internet artist, theorist, curator, director at the New Media Pathway programme at Merz Akademie of Art, Design and Media, Stuttgart,
  • Lluís Lipp, artist, curator and founder of the transdisciplinary art festival DREISECHSFUENF, Vienna
  • Johann Lurf, artist, Vienna,
  • Multimedia Institute / MAMA, Zagreb,
  • Tomislav Medak, media theorist and amateur librarian, member of Multimedia Institute/MAMA (Zagreb) and Centre for Postdigital Cultures (Coventry University),,,
  • Suzana Milevska, visual culture theorist, curator, principal investigator Politecnico di Milano TRACES,
  • monochrom, art-technology-philosophy-group, Vienna,
  • Gabriel Ben Moshe (S Moses), digital-based artist, Weimar/ Tel Aviv,
  • Fariba Mosleh, Cultural Manager and Producer, Vienna and Brussels
  • Michael Murtaugh, Senior Lecturer, Experimental Publishing Master, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam,
  • Nicolas Malevé, programmer and artist, Brussels
  • Elizabeth McGlynn, artist, lecturer, University of Applied Arts, Vienna
  • Florian Nitsch, visual artist, Vienna/ Brussels,
  • Pia Palme, composer, artist, writer, Vienna,
  • Stefanos Pavlakis, artist/ director, Berlin,
  • Oliver Pietsch, video artist, Berlin,
  • Thomas Philipp, artist and sociologist, Linz
  • Jörg Piringer, media artist, poet, musician, Vienna,
  • p.m.k, Cultural Life Support System, Innsbruck,
  • Paul Poet, film director, journalist, media scientist, project manager, Vienna,
  • qujOchÖ, art collective, Linz,
  • Ursula Maria Probst, curator, writer, artist, lecturer, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna,
  • Elke Rauth, urbanize! Festival, Vienna,
  • Magdalena Reiter, open design & open knowledge activist,
  • Maéva Ranaïvojaona, filmmaker, -producer, -writer, Paris/ Vienna,
  • Lale Rodgarkia-Dara, artist, Vienna
  • Nenad Romic, research fellow, Centre for Postdigital Cultures, Coventry University
  • Roel Roscam Abbing, artist, researcher, member of,
  • Robert Sakrowski, curator, Panke gallery, Berlin,
  • Marius Schebella, artist and developer, head of subnet, platform for media art and experimental technologies Salzburg,
  • Ashley Hans Scheirl, Mag. MA, artist, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Berlin/Vienna,
  • Georg Schelbert, Head of Media Library/ Department of Art and Visual History, Humboldt University, Berlin,
  • Elisabeth Schimana, artistic director of IMA Institute for Media Archology, St. Poelten,
  • Berit Schuck, Kuratorin, Berlin/Germany and Alexandria/ Egypt
  • Nora Sdun, publisher, Textem Verlag, Hamburg,
  • Secession, association of visual artists Vienna Secession, Vienna,
  •, net culture initiative, Linz,
  • Judith Siegmund, professor for contemporary aesthetics, State University of Music and the Performing Arts, Stuttgart,
  • Sumugan Sivanesan, researcher/ writer/ anti-disciplinary artist, Berlin/ Sydney,
  • Domagoj Smoljo, artist, !Mediengruppe Bitnik,
  • Cornelia Sollfrank, PhD, artist and researcher, Berlin,,
  • Felix Stalder, writer and researcher, member of the technopolitics group Vienna, professor for digital cultures and network theories at the University of the Arts, Zurich,
  • Andi Stern – A.C.T.I.O.N Kooperative kulturelle Vernetzung, Austria,
  • Hito Steyerl, filmmaker, writer, Berlin,
  • Axel Stockburger, PhD, artist, assoc. prof. for art and cultural theory, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna,
  • Nina Stuhldreher, visual artist, reality researcher, neurodiversity activist, Vienna/ Berlin,
  • Winnie Soon, MA, MSc, Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Digital Design and Information Studies, Aarhus University,
  • Peggy Sylopp, artist and computer scientist, Berlin,
  • Crystal Tesla, anti-surveillance researcher, Marianne-von-Willemer-laureate, Vienna
  • Tamiko Thiel, freelance media artist, Munich,
  • Georg Tiller, filmmaker, -producer, -writer, Vienna/ Paris
  • Magdalena Tyzlik-Carver, Assistant Professor in Digital Design and Information Studies, Aarhus University
  • Wolfgang Ullrich, art theorist, writer, Leipzig,,,
  • Yvonne Volkart, researcher, lecturerer, Academy of Art and Design, Basel,
  • Carmen Weisskopf, artist, !Mediengruppe Bitnik,Berlin,
  • Thomas Willmann, author, Munich
  • Mick Wilson Artist/Educator, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg Sweden
  • Marlies Wirth, Curator Digital Culture & Design Collection, MAK – Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna,Curator VIENNA BIENNALE
  • Florian Wüst, film curator, publisher, curatorial team of transmediale, Berlin,
  • Stefanie Wuschitz, art & research / Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, feminist hackerspace, Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory, Vienna
  • Dina Yanni, video artist and researcher,

(*The descriptions given here are only partly self-representations as by provided by the signatories, but in many cases added by the initiator to increase the level of information. Any misrepresentation in relation to academic titles etc should therefore not be attributed to any wrongdoings of the signatories themselves. Thank you.)

(Die hier angegebenen Tätigkeitsbeschreibungen wurden von der Initiatorin zu Informationszwecken hinzugefügt und entsprechen nur in einem Teil der Fälle der Selbstdefinition der Unterzeichnenden. Etwaige Fehler im Hinblick auf akademische Titel sind dementsprechend nicht den Unterzeichnenden selbst zuzuschreiben.)